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2014年10月 8日 (水)

タイの宝くじを買ってみました/ Try to buy Lottery in Thailand





I could find vendors who sell public lottery on a street or in a temple. Also on a Ratchadamnoen klang Road, near the Royal palace or Khao sam road, I know many vendors are selling lottery since National Lottery Bureau used be located here.



However, I have never bought it since I didn't know how to buy the lottery well. I tried to purchase it since I found vendors in Wat Ban Panpri Yai Nai where I visited recently with my Thai friend.



The price of this lottery sold by National Lottery Bureau is THB 40 per piece but useualy it was sold a pair of two pieces, so one pair is THB 80. But you need to pay some commission to vendor so it is usually be sold more than THB100. It might be lucky in the temple area, the price was at least THB110 in there.


Drawing the lottery is operated twice in a month usually at 3 pm. on 1st and 16th day of each month and you can see small children are selling paper showing number of winners by THB 5 on a street. Also you can check numbers by internet.



In Thailand, you can choose your preferable number by checking lottery on a table or box that vendor shows, but for some “clean number” such as repdigit or including lucky number such as nine you need to pay more commission since they are popular, although winning chance is same of course. On the Ratchadamnoen klang Road, you can find many kind of prices according to the popularity.
And from time to time, popular lucky could be focused reflecting event of time, for example when prime minster Prayut appointed as 29th prime minister number 29 was most popular number and traded by more than THB 150.



The first prize is one for per million and price THB 2,000,000, second prize is THB 100,000 for five pieces and fifth prize is 10,000. There is a THB 2,000 prize if you get the last three digits and THB ,000 baht prize for the last two digits. And many Thai people buy lottery with their prefer two or three digits such as their birth day or license number etc.
I bought number 26 since it was 26 September but winner was 44. By the way, winning number was 22 when many people tried to buy 29.


When you win the lottery, you can get a prize at the National Lottery Bureau. However, if the prize is less than THB 20,000 you can go to a local agent which sometime in a book store and he/she will give the money to you in cash. I would like to report how to get money if I can win sometime.

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