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2014年8月14日 (木)

シュエダゴン・パゴダと様々なパゴダ (ミャンマー) Shwedagon Pagoda and other pagodas in Myanmar

    シュエダゴン・パゴダ(ヤンゴン)/ Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

ミャンマーには数多くのパゴダがある。その中でも3000を超えるパゴダがあることで有名なパガンの中でもその原型といわれるシュエズィーゴンパゴダ Shwe zi gone Pagoda、114mの高さでミャンマー最高の高さを誇るパゴーのシュエモドーパゴダ Shwemawdaw Pagoda、ヤンゴンの中心地にあるスーレー パゴダ Sule Pagodaなど有名なパゴダも数多くあるが、今回はこれらのパゴダを駆け足で回ったあと、最後にヤンゴンを見下ろすSinguttara Hillの上に金色に輝くシュエダゴン・パゴダShwedagon Pagoda を訪ねた。

There are many famous pagodas in Myanmar such as Shwe zi gone Pagoda as a famous of original shape of pagoda in Bagan in where more than three thousand pagoda still standing, Shwemawdaw Pagoda in Bago, the tallest pagoda in Myanmar, or Sule Pagoda located in heart of Yangon. And after I visited these pagodas and then I visited Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon at the final destination of my itinerary. The pagoda is standing on a hill named Singuttara Hill overlooking city of Yangon.


    シュエズィーゴンパゴダ(パガン)/ Shwe zi gone Pagoda in Bagan



    シュエモドーパゴダ (パゴー)/ Shwemawdaw Pagoda (Bago)


    スーレー パゴダ (ヤンゴン)/ Sule Pagoda in Yangon



I have visited Yangon several times on my duty, but every time I just saw the Shwedagon Pagoda from city of Yangon and this is the first time to enter the precincts of the Pagoda. Foreigners needs to pay 8,000 Kyats (USD 8) and can enter by a lift to the top of the hill, (Burmese seems to enter without fee by climbing using steps from bottom of the hill. When I stepped in the precincts, area of pagoda surrounded by many small pagodas and buildings with Buddha statutes seems separated unique world like a Shangri-La, so I would recommend to visit and enter inside of the precincts.


パゴダの周りには、お釈迦様を含めこれまで地上に現れた4人の仏陀の像や様々な仏陀の像が安置され、ミャンマーの人たちは、色々な場所で仏像やパゴダに向かってお祈りを捧げている。このパゴダには、約2600年前にお釈迦様(Gautama Buddha)から直接聖髪を授かった兄弟の商人が当時の王様にその髪を捧げ、既に先の3人の仏陀の聖遺物が奉られていたこの地にパゴダを建てたとのいわれがあり、ミャンマーの仏教の歴史の深さを感じさせられる。日本人は仏陀というと4番目に現れたいわゆるお釈迦様(Gautama Buddha)だけが有名だが、ミャンマーではカクタンダ(Kakuthanda)仏、カッタパ(Kathapa)仏、ゴウナーガマナ(Koṇāgamana)仏もあわせて4人の仏陀がそれぞれ東西南北に安置されており、日本の仏教との違いもあって興味深かった。


Surround of the pagoda, four statutes of Buddha, Kakuthanda, Kathapa, Koṇāgamana and Gautama Buddha were settled on four direction, north, east, south and west and many Burmese are praying from/to many places as they like. According to the original story of the pagoda, almost 2,600 years ago (about 600 BC), two brother merchants who obtained eight hairs from Gautama Buddha offered to the King after they returned to this place. The king decided the place for constructing the pagoda on the Singuttara Hill since in where other secret matters relating other three Buddha had been already settled there. I was very impressed by this story and understood long Buddhist story in Myanmar.

99mのパゴダの先端には76カラットのダイヤや無数のダイヤやルビー(正確には5,448個のダイヤ と 2,317個 のルビーで多くは個人から寄付されたもの)が散りばめられた飾りが付けられているという。本当にミャンマーの人たちの信心の深さと物だけではない心の豊かさにも驚かされた。



At the apex of the pagoda on 99m heights, a diamond bud is tipped with a 76 carat and diamond and on the diamond bud and a flag-shaped vane, many, many precious stones (actually 5,448 diamonds and 2,317 rubies) are tipped in the same. I think it is reflecting strong religious believe and richness of spirits as well as resources in Myanmar.



I had to take off my shoes when I entered in any precincts of Pagodas and I felt hot sand stones or cool marble stones around pagodas. And I could fell different of field of each pagoda directly from my bottom of feet. It was very interesting but felt a little of tired with bare foot.

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