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2014年1月31日 (金)

バッグ盗難顛末記 (その4;後始末&反省編)/ A story of my bag stolen (chapter 4; recovery and review )


After I noticed my bag was stolen and I finished proceeding for credit card company and the police station, I went to a mobile phone shop. The mobile shop that I have a contract of my mobile nearly two years since I came to Bangkok as some Japanese staffs always support us. I called to the shop just after my incident and a clerk said he would suspend my SIM card at that time, and I visited it without concrete idea of next action I should do.



I explained situation to a staff in the shop, he recommend me to buy new mobile with replacement of a SIM card as he pointed out possibility to find stolen mobile were very few. Since I used iPhone 4 until then I decided to purchase iPhone 5c considering easiness for importing data stored.


I was very relieved to hear I could use same phone number by replacement of SIM. Honestly to say, I was very worried about if I needed to inform my new phone number to my friends, relatives and acquaintances and it could let them know my incidence in case I needed to change my phone number. I had already printed out my Christmas and New year cards with my phone number, however not yet been posted, I was also depressed by thinking that I needed to rewrite my new number.



Also I could feel easy to know I didn't need to input my data of phone number or email address which was stored in my old mobile, since I could use data kept in other place by synchronization.
Thanks for his kind advice, I was able to use new i Phone almost same as old one next day although I took some time for synchronization and downloading some application software.
It was no use to worry about possibility for my data in stolen mobile could be used for wrong purpose but I was very worried about it. I am now thinking that my data must be completely deleted since I have no evidence such incident after one month and half.


I went to a branch of the Bank that I have my account and asked a clerk in it to reissue my debit card. I brought my account book and passport and I was able to get a new debit card very smoothly. And I asked her to check my record of withdrawal after the incident and I was relieved with knowing no such record.


I changed my whole key on door of my apartment afternoon of the next day. I reported my key was in my stolen bag on that day, repair man of the apartment could come and change my whole key with cylinder. Before replacing my key, I rocked my front door with door chain and I used a backdoor for our safety.



After I finished proceedings and actions urgent, I proceeded other necessary actions such as reissuing member card. When I asked to reissue of member card of “Club Thailand” which is Japanese membership club in Bangkok, I was asked to show a certificate from police and I could get a reissued card instantly with free of charge.

On the other hand, for reissuing a frequent flier millage card by a Japanese company, I took action through their web page but I had to wait more than one month before I got new card, although I had no damage during waiting period.


After one month and half, I can recover my life as usual since all my cards stolen were reissued. Actual material damage of this incident are, money cash thousands Thai Baht, cost for new iPhone 5C, cost for new key of door (around THB 1,700) and a compact digital camera for which I have not yet buy new one and I sometimes borrow a camera from my son and so on.
Besides it I am sorry that I cannot regain some data of picture or music in my iPhone and camera. Fortunately almost data could be resumed from synchronization or I have already copied to my PC, but I could not revive some data for a week.

I summarized my lesson learned from the experience, although some points are duplicated already mentioned.


1. I should not show my unguarded moment
As a possibility of criminals having gun or knife is much much higher than Japan, we can not ask someone around us to help so easily when we are in criminal scheme. So we need to be careful not be involve in crimes and we need protect our body and property by ourselves.
Now a days, topic of shut-down Bangkok by demonstration rally become popular. In these turmoil, whenever I hear incident of gun shot or even grenade in these news I realized danger in the Thai society.


2. We cannot rely on police much in Thailand
A policeman I met in the police station when I asked to make a certificate of my damage was kind and gentle, but police cannot come to the place of happening and search a suspect of criminal, such as thief. I regret to say popularity of police in Thailand is not so good because of corruption and bribes. I had experience a once to see a taxi driver to pay a bribe to police man for escaping from traffic violation. I cannot expect for police can detect a thief of foreigners bag, since such job has no benefit to police man.


3. We need to take action immediately for preventing secondary damage
Unfortunately if your wallet are stolen by thief, you need to take a action immediately for preventing secondary damage by stolen cards. To tell the truth, I was only thinking how to find a suspect or how to find my bag even partly when I noticed my bag was stolen. However I need to think to take necessary action for preventing possible additional damage after I stop useless hope to catch a unseen thief. It is very important for surrounding people to make advice to direct victim since he must be very upset and cannot think calmly.


4. Keep important data other place separately
In my case, my wallet and iPhone were stolen same time, it was very difficult to find important data such as phone number or card number. Fortunately I was company with my wife and I could get information from my wife and could use mobile of my wife. After the incident I keep my important data separately from my wallet and iPhone.
Also data should be back up to another place.


5. I need to wait longer time for getting reissued card from Japan.
I realized some cards issued in Japan need longer time for reissuing and receiving cards. For example, I had to wait for receiving a frequent flier millage card more than one month. We should not bring unnecessary cards particularly issued outside country.
Also it is good idea to have and keep substitute credit card safety place for emergency use.




にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ
にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ タイ情報へ

I would like another good story for compensating my severe experience since I have let you bad impression of Thai people. I understand many people in Thai is very kind and good will people.
I got of a Tuk-Tuk with my acquaintance without noticing my acquaintance had dropped off his mobile on the seat of the Tuk-Tuk several months ago. Although a taxi driver found a mobile in his car he could not called us since it was Japanese mobile and he could not use it. He tried find other Japanese tourists for asking him to contact us since he thought Japanese people could use it and contact us. According to his kindness and good idea, we could get a mobile again.

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2014年1月28日 (火)

バッグ盗難顛末記 (その3;警察編)/ A story of my bag stolen (chapter 3; In a police station)

盗難にあったカード類の停止手続きを終え、続いて携帯電話屋さんにiPhone のSIMM停止依頼を、アパートには鍵の盗難にあったことを伝え警察に行くことにした。携帯は幸い日本語の通じる店で契約をしていたので直ぐに通じたし、アパートにはとりあえず鍵が盗難にあったことだけを伝えた。

After I finished necessary proceedings for suspending my stolen credit card and debit card, I called to mobile phone shop for suspending my SIMM card. Fortunately, I could talk Japanese staff in the shop and make arrangement very smoothly. And then I called to a management office of my apartment for reporting my stolen key.
As I learned the responsible police station on the area, I went to Thonglor police station by a taxi with her information.


警察署に入ると入り口近くに one stop counter と英語で書かれた窓口があったので、そこの若い警官に、カバンが盗まれ、被害証明が欲しいと英語で告げたが、どうもあまり通じない。彼が「insurance(保険)?」と聞くので「Yes, Certificate (そう、証明書)」と応えると、やっと隣の部屋を示しそこで待てという。
暫くして、少し年配の優しそうな警官が来て、英語の被害申告書用紙(Complaint foam)を私に手渡し、記入しろと言う。名前、住所、パスポート番号等とともに、事件の状況と盗まれたもの等を一通り記入し、幸い家内が持っていた私のパスポートのコピーを付けて提出した。

When I entered into the police station, I could find a sign of “one stop counter” written in English easily near the entrance door. I went to the counter and talked to a young police officer at the counter. Although I tried to explain my situation of stolen bag and my request of certification of police, the officer could not understand well in English. At last, he asked me “Insurance?”and I replied “Yes, Certificate”. He told me to sit and wait in the next room of the counter.
After I waited for a few minutes, middle- aged and gentle police man came into the room and hand me a paper of “Complaint foam” written in English. After filled up my information such as name, address and passport number as well as stolen goods and situation of incident, I handed it with photocopy of my passport, fortunately my wife had at that time.


As he read my complaint form line by line and asked me some additional questions in easy English, he filled up report in Thai language. His first question was “Are there any safety camera in the restaurant? Did you see a thief or suspect?”. After I replied “No” to both questions, he kept to fill up the report without showing any emotion or interest on my incident. When he found words of credit card and debit card in my list of stolen goods, he asked me if I had already suspend these cards. As I replied yes, he nodded satisfactory.


Picture above; right side; complaint foam written by me in English, left side; certificate written by police in Thai


After he wrote the report in Thai with his name and signature bottom of the paper, he told me to write my name and make my signature on the right side of his. And then he gave me a piece of carbon copy of the report. I found it was all written in Thai except my name and very few some other words such as iPhone and I was not able to understand what was written.
Although I was told you could go home, I asked him to give photocopy of my complaint form written in English since I was very worried about effectiveness of this report only written in Thai.


にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ
にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ タイ情報へ

I know it is impossible to apply overseas traveling insurance to my case, but I thought it might be necessary of such certificate for reissuing some cards or documents, so I went to the police station.
As I result it was not necessary for me almost all case except for reissuing member card issued by a kind of association in Thai. In case you need to apply such overseas traveling insurance, or traveler's insurance with a credit card as collateral, such proceedings for certificate could be very important. I am not sure my case can be applied to every case in Thai since procedures in Thai is always flexible but it could be useful in some parts. Of course, it is the best you don’t need such procedure.

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2014年1月26日 (日)

視界不良バンコク(酷いスモッグ)/ Invisible Bangkok in heavy smog



20140126001f  20120522001f

The pictures above contrasting scene of today and usual day,

I have been feeling air pollution in Bangkok very disgusting in these days but today is most awful. I think no rain more than one month from last year could also be affecting.
It must be caused by exhausted gas from vehicle and plants in or surrounding Bangkok but could be also affected bu smoke by fire for harvesting sugar cane in country area and maybe P.M 2.5 and other polluted materials coming from far from China, but I am not sure.
In Bangkok, we had the coldest records, 15.6 Celsius degree, in last 30 yeards just two days ago and we have cold not cool days in Bangkok. So I am worried about health condition particularly people staying on the road for attending political demonstration in these days.

Today, advanced voting of controversial national election which is now planned on 2nd of February will be operated in Thailand, I am just praying for safety and non-violent operation of the voting by watching this unclear sky.



The picture above showing shower scene during rainy season , left side is under “squall” seems whitish but you can see clear air.

I will write consecutive articles of “Story of my bag stolen” in a next article.

にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ


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2014年1月25日 (土)

バッグ盗難顛末記 (その2;初期対応編1)/ A story of my bag stolen (chapter 2; First reaction 1)



20140119007_2 20140119008_2

Soon after I spoke loudly with other customers and clerks of the fast-food restaurant, a young guard with walkies-talkie came to. After he listened story or witness(?) from surrounding Thai people, he seemed to talk to his colleagues, may be at gates, with his walkies-talkie. Unfortunately, he was not able to speak English well and my family and I had no Thai words to speak under such urgent and upset situation. I only spoke out loudly "Please call Police, Police" and he replied "Chai (Yes)" but it seemed he didn't contact police.
After he confirmed there were no security camera inside restaurant, he ordered me to follow him. I followed him and came to customer service counter on 2nd floor and I could talk with a lady who could speak English. At that time, I realized there were very very few possibility to find the thief.



I explained situation again and asked her to call police to come to here and order workers to search my bag or wallet in all toilets in the shopping center. She agreed to search my bag in toilets and spoke to her colleagues by walkies-talkie, but she said could not call to police. Replying my question why didn't you call to the police, she explained that police could come only in case to have possibility to catch the thief or footage of the thief would be recorded in security camera, but for my case police could not come, since evidence of suspects were few. At this moment, I realized that possibility to find the thief became almost zero. According to her, If I want to have a certificate from police I need to go to a police station by myself and request a certificate by reporting my damage.


In Japan, I suppose policeman would come to the place of incident and then after their investigation police would make a certificate, but in here in Thailand, police would not come unless the suspicious person were there. It is second lesson I learned.

では、このカスタマーサービスの女性、何もしてくれなかったかというと、そうではなく色々と助けてくれた。まずバッグの中に何が入っていたのか聞き、私が、携帯(iPhone) やアパートの鍵に加え財布の中にタイの銀行のデビットカード(ATMカード)と日本のクレジットカードが入っていたと言うと、直ぐにカード類の停止の手続きをとれと言う。

Although she could not call a police, she advised and supported me many things. Just after I explained goods in my bag, i-Phone, key of my house as well as debit card (ATM card) and credit card in my wallet, she advised me that I should contact bank or credit company immediately by my wife's mobile for suspending my cards.



She checked phone number of customer service of my bank and let me call, however I could not contact there since it was continiously busy. Then she told me I should go to service counter of my bank in the shopping center instead keep calling. In Bangkok, many banks open their branch or counter in shopping mall even in holiday, my bank's branch was also there luckily. I went to the counter and explained situation to a clerk and she could call to a officer of consumer service maybe in headquarters who could speak English very well. I could manage to suspend my debit card with his kind support; he checked my account with my information such as; name, branch name, birthday, phone number and passport number. Also he confirmed no withdrawal recorded from my account on that day and arranged for reissuing new card next day at the branch of my account holding.



For suspending my credit card issued in Japan, fortunately my wife had a family member card and I could find contact number in Japan at the backside of the card, so I could call from Bangkok.
I remembered number of card was almost same of my wife's card except last 4 digits, and I remembered number of last 4 digits of my card in mind. When I called to call-center in Japan, I explained first to an operator I was calling from overseas and asked her to call me back. And then I could receive a call from call-center and explain situation without worrying about charge of call.


This time like such I could struggle to contact and suspend my cards with kind support of many people, but I realized if had a memo with such information separately from my bag or wallet I would have been able to manage more smoothly. I provide such a memo with important information and always bring it separately and safety from my wallet or bag.
I was able to receive a credit card reissued in Japan almost 10days later, during waiting new card I was able to use another credit card of another company for emergency use which I keep in my house. I know some people keep 2-3 different credit cards in same wallet, but I would like recommend to keep in different place considering such emergency situation.


にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ
にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ タイ情報へ

For other recovery actions I had taken I will write in a next article, thank you.

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2014年1月23日 (木)

バッグ盗難顛末記 (その1;発生編)/ A story of my bag stolen (chapter 1; happening)



Honestly to say, I have been hesitating for long time to write this incident or not, it was happened more than one month ago. I didn't talk this story to my family or friends in Japan because I didn't want to worry them or it was shameful for me. Also I didn't want to remember this awful incident any more.



However now I am recaptured from my shock, and I don't want other Japanese or foreigners to have similar experience or I hope my experience could be helpful for handling similar situation, so I would like to write my disgusting happening with my analysis.
My bag was stolen when I enjoyed shopping at a shopping center and supermarket named BigC on Soi Sukhumvit 26 and Rama IV road in Bangkok which area is popular to Japanese.
After my family and I finished a lunch in a fast-food restaurant, I tried to find my bag I put under my chair but I could not find!!


I always put my bag on a table or chair, but just that time I put under my chair after I pick up something from my bag during lunch and I thought it could be very short time I put it under the chair. When my family and I started to be noisy, two or three persons belonging different party spoke out someone had took away my bag from under my chair, I was not sure since they spoke out only in Thai, but I suppose so.
So what? Why didn't you tell me or speak out when you saw? Since I am foreigner?
I was very angry and disappointed when I found they apparently saw a thief.
My wife said she felt uneasy atmosphere 5-10 minutes before and a small girl came and look to my wife's face



But I changed my mind and understood that people around me was not able to find any good idea to notice me without making a fuss. In Thailand possibility of a thief having a gun or a knife could be much much higher than Japan. If someone shout out for a thief, he or she might be shot or stabbed by the thief. I had also possibility to be shot or stabbed if I tried to fight for getting back my belongings. So I realized that my bag, wallet and many other things lost but I was not injured, so it might be better, I should think so, my wife also consoled me.

I had a lesson that I must protect me and my belongings by myself, so it is simple.
I cannot expect someone can help me. I believe many Thai people is very kind and gentle but they cannot help other people with serious sacrifice or danger, particularly for foreigners who cannot speak Thai well.



This shopping center has no security check at the entrance. In some high-class department store or shopping mall have security check for entering guests to prevent from someone bringing dangerous materials. I was doubtful for effectiveness of such security check before the incident, since it seem very external and no check for outward guests. However I realized facility with security check could be safer than same without check, of course, only relatively.
I heard that in Emporium department which is very popular high-end department in Sukhumvit area and has security check of course, but in the department, I heard number of people whose belongings has been stolen by group of pocket-pickers are increasing recently, so we need to be careful even in such high-class department.

にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ
にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ タイ情報へ

The story could be longer and I will write sequels in next articles.

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2014年1月19日 (日)

バンコク 早朝の鳥の声 / Birds song in early morning in Bangkok



I wonder not so few people has experience to wake up by songs of birds in the morning during stay in Bangkok.
Recently I often wake up by their songs since I open my window during night as night temperature is cool as convenience. I wake up by hearing sound become louder gradually before dawn. Songs of birds, of course you can hear in midday, but it is easy to hear it in silent time around dawn. I cannot enjoy their sound in weekday but in weekend I love to listen their songs by having doze with feeling of staying in tropical country far from Japan since the sound is completely different.


にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ

Among the some different songs, high and continuous noticeable sound could be sound of Common Koel. This birds is pretty big and black one but very careful and difficult to see, so I have never watched this bird.

Please find a picture of early morning and sound, I am sorry sound is a little bit noisy and it sounds better to use ear-phone or head -hones to identify.

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2014年1月18日 (土)

スワナブーム空港、出発階(4階)の喫煙所/ Smoking place in departure floor (4th floor) in Suvarnabhumi airport


インフォメーションカウンターのお姉さんに聞くと、外に出て吸えと言う。「外でならどこでもいいの?(Anywhere outside OK?)」と聞くと、力強く「yes」と言う。

にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ


In Suvarnabhumi airport, departure floor is located on 4th floor、that I wrote in a last article.
Recently,I asked to a lady at information counter where was smoking place in the 4th floor when I visited there with my smoker acquaintance since I could not find in the building.
The lady said you should go outside and you could. When I asked " anywhere outside OK?" she replied " Yes!" definitely.
I found no-smoking sign outside which also quoted penalty THB2,000 . I found finally small ash- tray at the fence dividing taxi getting-off-place which I wrote last article.
I found also some people smoking outside building but in no-smoking place.
I think nobody may accuse of smoking, but if I might be ordered to pay penalty at non smoking place and I may insist that lady in information counter can smoke anywhere outside, but it may no use, perhaps.
It could be Thailand.

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2014年1月13日 (月)

スワナブーム空港、出発階(4階)からのタクシー乗車/ Taxi riding from departure floor (4th floor) in Suvarnabhumi airport




In Suvarnabhumi airport, departure floor is located on 4th floor and separated from arrival floor on 2nd floor.
Arrival passenger who is going to use a taxi can go to a taxi stand on 1st floor. At the taxi stand, when passenger tell destination to a clerk at the counter, the passenger will be given a ticket written a taxi number. So the passenger can claim to Tourist Police in case taxi driver make improper way, but need to pay additional THB50.
On the other hand, passenger of departure get off a taxi on 4th floor. So if passenger can get a taxi on 4th floor need not to pay additional THB50, however passenger has no guarantee. It seems some trouble some such way.
For prevention to such trouble, one-way gauge which prevent arrival passenger go to platform of taxi stand for departure passenger.
So all arrival passenger need go to 1st floor for taking taxi.


20131229001 20131229003

Recently I have some funny experience on this 4th floor, but sorry I cannot express well in English,since I have not enough confidence to write without making misunderstanding.
Sorry I just write this episode in Japanese.




20131229004 20131229002


にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ

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2014年1月10日 (金)

天空の王宮(シーギリア)と石窟寺院(ダンブッラ)スリランカ旅行記4/ Sigiria; a palace on the top of the world and Dambulla; a temple in a cave. Holidays in Sri Lanka 4



20131228012 20131228008

A King, who seized the throne from his father by a coup, was said to build a palace and fortress on a vertical rock around 200m high fearing an attack from his half brother who had rightful heir more than 1500 years ago.


20131228014 20131228015_2

The careful and cowardly king located many solders at shelters in vertical rock for monitoring enemies and built many facilities for defense such as half-cut rock for slipping down to coming enemies, and then, at the palace of the sky, he enjoyed to watch dance of beauties from all over the country. From the palace on the top rock, you can see surrounding tropical jungle and you will be astonished by knowing power of kingdom and richness of nation and technology.



On the way up to the top you can admire Sigiria ladies painted in frescoes on the wall of middle of rock, these beauties were said to be painted more than 500 bodies but now we can see only 18. Even so, I was very impressed such beautiful painted palace was existed which is more than 200 year older than Takamatsuduka ancient tomb in Japan.



I wanted to come here but was hesitated because I was not sure to be able to climb with our physical condition. Fortunately, since member of the organized one-day tour was only our family so we could climb slowly with taking rests from time to time. Also a tour recommended us to ask support of “helper” while he watched our nature when we climbed a temple in cave in Dambulla visited just before Sigiria.


20131228009 20131228013

The helper supported guest to keep body upright with holding arm and elbow standing by side and it kept body weight on the center of gravity, so supported people could climb easily. If you are hesitating to visit here because of your weak physical condition, I would strongly recommend to ask helper to support. The fare of helper who can speak Japanese a little bit was SLR1500 (USD12), I believe the price would not be expensive considering wonderful experience at here.


にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ

20131228005 20131228004

Visiting the temple in cave in Dambulla it has more than 2500 year history, is itself valuable experience to learn relation of Buddhism and Hindu in Sri Lanka. However, considering situation afterward, it also has additional meaning as rehearsal and “touchstone” before climbing Sigiria, I suppose.

20131228003 20131228006

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2014年1月 5日 (日)

水辺の古都キャンディ スリランカ旅行記3/ Lake side old capital; Kandy Holidays in Sri Lanka 3



にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ

Kandy, an old capital of last kingdom of Sri Lanka before colonized by United Kingdom. World heritage city, located at around 500m altitude and beside to an artificial lake side since Sri Lanka is very famous about well developed irrigation technology.
The relic of tooth of Buddha has been relocated to the temple in capital of Sinhalese monarchy as symbol of power of kingdom and now enshrined in the The Temple of the Tooth in Kandy.
I visted this precious temple of Theravada Buddhism with religious mind altough I am Mahayana buddhist.

20131227010 20131227011

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2014年1月 4日 (土)

象の背中に揺られ (スリランカ旅行記2)/ On a elephant back (Holidays in Sri Lanka 2)




にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ

I visited an orphanage of elephant in Sri Lanka. After I looked around nursery facilities and scene of bathing in a river I enjoyed elephant riding around the orphanage. Although I hesitated to join first time as a fare (LKR 2,000, around USD16) per person for 15 minutes seemed a little bit expensive, finally I enjoyed it with my family since they offered a little bit discount.
I also had an experience in Thailand but the riding here was more exciting because we rode on directory elephant's back with a thin cushion. In every step we could feel movement of muscle of elephant and my family was able to strengthen our relationship on the elephant's back when she up and down steep slope to the river.

20131227005  20131227004

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2014年1月 3日 (金)

スリランカの三輪タクシー(three- wheel) スリランカ旅行記1/ Three-wheel taxi in Sri Lanka Holidays in Sri Lanka 1


こういった三輪タクシー、タイの他、カンボジアやラオスにもあるが、国や町によって形が少しずつ違っていて面白い。三輪タクシー、スリランカでどう呼ばれているのか聞いて見ると「Three wheel!」、そのまんまでちょっとがっかり。

にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ

20131227001  20131228002

I found many three-wheel taxi are running in Sri Lanka, and it looks a little bit smaller than “Tuk-Tuk” in Bangkok and looks cute. It is said three adult passengers can be in it but it could be very tight in case of three passengers, I suppose.
Such three-wheel taxi can be seen in many Asian countries such as Laos and Cambodia as well as Bangkok, but shape and size is slightly different and funny to see difference. I asked name of such three- wheel taxi to a driver of normal four-wheel taxi from an airport to hotel, since I would like to know special name such as tuk-tuk they call it. But the answer was “Three wheel” so I was a little bit disappointed.
I can see many three- wheels near a bus stop in small town far from Colombo, so I understand many people use a bus for long distance move and use this three wheel for short distance from bus stop in town.
It is said a law was amended recently and every three-wheel need to install taxi meter so passenger can ride without worry on fare; it used be necessary to negotiate fare before riding and troublesome like tuk-tuk in Bangkok. I was told fare would be around LKR 50 (USD 0.4) per 1km. But I was recommended not to ride since many accident was reported because of rough driving manner. I reconciled to ride since also I had enough time to ride, but I wonder I would like to use it in someday.

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2014年1月 1日 (水)

A Happy New Year 2014 from Bangkok/ 新年おめでとうございます バンコクより


A Happy New Year!
I wish all of you have a Happy New Year season!

新年 あけまして おめでとう ございます。
本年もよろしくお願いいたします。 バンコクより 



With pictures and videos of newyear eve at Chao Phraya river and an entertainment show of Thai transgender artists




にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ

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On a way back to my home, I was walking to a BTS station after watching fireworks and people were rising khom loi; Floating Lantern for which people wish their thanks and hope, and noticed something was happenning at a watergate of canal to Chao Phraya river. It seemed a dog could not clowl up from the bottom of canal after felt down. Thanks to heavy duty of rescue team by getting dwon dirty water, when a dog was rescued to be up, cheering and clapping by surrounding people and joyfull cry of frend dogs were echoed.
I felt it could become happy year since I can touch with warm hearts of Thai people.

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