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2014年1月31日 (金)

バッグ盗難顛末記 (その4;後始末&反省編)/ A story of my bag stolen (chapter 4; recovery and review )


After I noticed my bag was stolen and I finished proceeding for credit card company and the police station, I went to a mobile phone shop. The mobile shop that I have a contract of my mobile nearly two years since I came to Bangkok as some Japanese staffs always support us. I called to the shop just after my incident and a clerk said he would suspend my SIM card at that time, and I visited it without concrete idea of next action I should do.



I explained situation to a staff in the shop, he recommend me to buy new mobile with replacement of a SIM card as he pointed out possibility to find stolen mobile were very few. Since I used iPhone 4 until then I decided to purchase iPhone 5c considering easiness for importing data stored.


I was very relieved to hear I could use same phone number by replacement of SIM. Honestly to say, I was very worried about if I needed to inform my new phone number to my friends, relatives and acquaintances and it could let them know my incidence in case I needed to change my phone number. I had already printed out my Christmas and New year cards with my phone number, however not yet been posted, I was also depressed by thinking that I needed to rewrite my new number.



Also I could feel easy to know I didn't need to input my data of phone number or email address which was stored in my old mobile, since I could use data kept in other place by synchronization.
Thanks for his kind advice, I was able to use new i Phone almost same as old one next day although I took some time for synchronization and downloading some application software.
It was no use to worry about possibility for my data in stolen mobile could be used for wrong purpose but I was very worried about it. I am now thinking that my data must be completely deleted since I have no evidence such incident after one month and half.


I went to a branch of the Bank that I have my account and asked a clerk in it to reissue my debit card. I brought my account book and passport and I was able to get a new debit card very smoothly. And I asked her to check my record of withdrawal after the incident and I was relieved with knowing no such record.


I changed my whole key on door of my apartment afternoon of the next day. I reported my key was in my stolen bag on that day, repair man of the apartment could come and change my whole key with cylinder. Before replacing my key, I rocked my front door with door chain and I used a backdoor for our safety.



After I finished proceedings and actions urgent, I proceeded other necessary actions such as reissuing member card. When I asked to reissue of member card of “Club Thailand” which is Japanese membership club in Bangkok, I was asked to show a certificate from police and I could get a reissued card instantly with free of charge.

On the other hand, for reissuing a frequent flier millage card by a Japanese company, I took action through their web page but I had to wait more than one month before I got new card, although I had no damage during waiting period.


After one month and half, I can recover my life as usual since all my cards stolen were reissued. Actual material damage of this incident are, money cash thousands Thai Baht, cost for new iPhone 5C, cost for new key of door (around THB 1,700) and a compact digital camera for which I have not yet buy new one and I sometimes borrow a camera from my son and so on.
Besides it I am sorry that I cannot regain some data of picture or music in my iPhone and camera. Fortunately almost data could be resumed from synchronization or I have already copied to my PC, but I could not revive some data for a week.

I summarized my lesson learned from the experience, although some points are duplicated already mentioned.


1. I should not show my unguarded moment
As a possibility of criminals having gun or knife is much much higher than Japan, we can not ask someone around us to help so easily when we are in criminal scheme. So we need to be careful not be involve in crimes and we need protect our body and property by ourselves.
Now a days, topic of shut-down Bangkok by demonstration rally become popular. In these turmoil, whenever I hear incident of gun shot or even grenade in these news I realized danger in the Thai society.


2. We cannot rely on police much in Thailand
A policeman I met in the police station when I asked to make a certificate of my damage was kind and gentle, but police cannot come to the place of happening and search a suspect of criminal, such as thief. I regret to say popularity of police in Thailand is not so good because of corruption and bribes. I had experience a once to see a taxi driver to pay a bribe to police man for escaping from traffic violation. I cannot expect for police can detect a thief of foreigners bag, since such job has no benefit to police man.


3. We need to take action immediately for preventing secondary damage
Unfortunately if your wallet are stolen by thief, you need to take a action immediately for preventing secondary damage by stolen cards. To tell the truth, I was only thinking how to find a suspect or how to find my bag even partly when I noticed my bag was stolen. However I need to think to take necessary action for preventing possible additional damage after I stop useless hope to catch a unseen thief. It is very important for surrounding people to make advice to direct victim since he must be very upset and cannot think calmly.


4. Keep important data other place separately
In my case, my wallet and iPhone were stolen same time, it was very difficult to find important data such as phone number or card number. Fortunately I was company with my wife and I could get information from my wife and could use mobile of my wife. After the incident I keep my important data separately from my wallet and iPhone.
Also data should be back up to another place.


5. I need to wait longer time for getting reissued card from Japan.
I realized some cards issued in Japan need longer time for reissuing and receiving cards. For example, I had to wait for receiving a frequent flier millage card more than one month. We should not bring unnecessary cards particularly issued outside country.
Also it is good idea to have and keep substitute credit card safety place for emergency use.




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I would like another good story for compensating my severe experience since I have let you bad impression of Thai people. I understand many people in Thai is very kind and good will people.
I got of a Tuk-Tuk with my acquaintance without noticing my acquaintance had dropped off his mobile on the seat of the Tuk-Tuk several months ago. Although a taxi driver found a mobile in his car he could not called us since it was Japanese mobile and he could not use it. He tried find other Japanese tourists for asking him to contact us since he thought Japanese people could use it and contact us. According to his kindness and good idea, we could get a mobile again.


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