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2013年8月 4日 (日)

三都比較、その4:完結編(クアラルンプル、シンガポール、バンコク)/Comparison of Three Capital (Part4:final part)(Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok)



As you may know I compared three capitals in basic data and language in part1 and tourists spots and dishes in part2 and urban transportation in part3 respectively, I will try to compare on air port, which is also important to tourists, in this part and would like to compile this three Capital series.

市内への距離が近いのでタクシーも安心して使える上、空港直結の地下鉄(空港近くは地上部を走っていますが)を使って市内に簡単に行くことができます。ターミナル間の移動もシャトルが完備されており、気持ちの良い空港だと感じました。また航空会社として、常に高い評価を受けているシンガポール航空 http://ranking.quest-seek.com/overseas-travel/2013-07-02-abroad-ranking.html
http://www.worldairlineawards.com/ の母港でもあり、一言で言うとハブ空港としてもそつのない空港という感じでしょうか?少しトランジットで時間があれば、市内で食事や買い物をを楽しんで、次の便に乗り継ぐなんてことも十分考えられる空港だと思います。


Compared with air ports in the three capital, I must say a Changi Airport in Singapore would be best in the three capital. The Changi airport is located near from down town and directly connected by subway (actually near the airport, train is running on the ground) and easy to access to down town. You can use taxi or subway, it is not so expensive and not so long time. In the airport, shuttle service is well developed and easy to move between terminals. The airport is also mother port of flag carrier of Singapore, Singapore airlines http://ranking.quest-seek.com/overseas-travel/2013-07-02-abroad-ranking.html
which is always highly evaluated by passengers with its heart warming and sophisticated service and I can say the Changi airport is a very smart airport as a hub airport. If you have a couple of hours to transit to next flight, you can plan to go to down town and enjoy meals or shopping during spare time.


ただ、今回は私は格安航空会社(LCC)のAir Asiaを利用したのですが、Air Asiaは一般ターミナルとは滑走路を挟んで反対側のLCC専用ターミナル(LCCT)利用することになっています。LCCTと一般ターミナルは直線距離は2kmぐらいしか離れていないのですが、2つのターミナルのアクセス道路は滑走路をぐるっと迂回するものしかなく、タクシーやシャトルバスで最低30分(20km)くらいかかるようです。私はLCCTから一般ターミナルに行く必要がなかったので、市内ホテルへタクシーで直行し、1時間以内で到着し渋滞もなく特に問題ではなかったのですが、このLCCターミナルに対するアクセスの悪さは少し問題があるように思いました。またLCCTは元々貨物用のターミナルだったようですが、飛行機の乗り降りの際に、建物の横の滑走路の脇を、運が悪いと延々と歩くことになり、長いフライトで疲れて到着した時などはちょっと大変かと感じました。
LCCの代表格のAir AsiaはKLを拠点としていますが、Air Asiaの躍進で、マレーシア航空の経営が圧迫されているとの話もあり、マレーシア政府がAir Asiaへの嫌がらせのために、不便なLCCTに押し込めているのではなんて邪推してしまいました。実際はLCC用の新ターミナルに建設中で来年5月には開港予定だそうで(開港予定が何度か延期されており、最近までは今年6月の開港予定だったそうですが)、現在のLCCTはあくまでも暫定的な措置のようです。この新ターミナルができると、この空港ももっと便利になると思います。


Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) launched its service from 1998 and is situated approximately 50 km from the capital city, Kuala Lumpur connected by Express Rail Link to KL central station in 30 minutes.
I arrived at the airport by a flight of Air Asia, one of the most popular Low Cost Carrier (LCC) and I learned that LCCT,terminal of LCC, is apart from main terminal. Direct distance between LCCT and main terminal is about 2km, opposite of a runway but connecting road of same is 20km and it takes about 30 minutes by shuttle bus or taxi. I directly moved to downtown using a taxi without going via main terminal and arrived less than one hour without traffic jam. However I felt access to LCCT was not convenient. I heard LCCT was originally built for freight plane and I found we need to walk long outside corridor between terminal building and runway. I thought it could be tough for tired passengers after long distance flight.
This air port is mother port of Air Asia and Malaysia airlines. I heard a financial situation of Malaysia airline is not so good because of Air Asia's development. So I suspected if Malaysian Governments might obstruct Air Asia for saving Malaysian Air. But I found that new terminal would be start operating since May 2014 (after several delay and it was said it could had been opened in June 2013 until recently) and LCCT is temporary facility until new terminal. I think the airport would become much more effective after new terminal's open.
By the way, I had bad experience in this airport when I visited this airport at opening day of almost 15 years ago and at that time I was very afraid of some troubles could been happen in this special day. As a result, I had to stay in departure floor in chaos for several hours without reliable information, since then I have not been good relation with this airport since then.

バンコクのメイン空港のスワナブーム空港は数年前に開港した3つの空港の中では一番新しい空港です。市内との約20kmはAirport link(高速鉄道)と高速道路で結ばれているものの、高速鉄道の市内での乗り継ぎ(特に、マッカサン駅での地下鉄ペティブリー駅への乗り継ぎは、通路も整備されておらず、大きい荷物を持っての乗り継ぎはお勧めできません)や高速道路の渋滞など、残念ながら、決してアクセスの良い空港とは言えないと思います。
また、Air Asia など一部のLCCはドムアン空港を使っており、スワナブーム空港との移動には最低でも1時間以上かかると考えていたほうが良いので、LCCと一般航空会社を利用しての乗り継ぎは非常に不便だし、乗り継ぎに間に合わなかったなんていうことがないように十分な注意が必要です。


The main airport, Suvarnabhumi airport, is the newest in the three capitals opened about 7years ago. It is located from almost 20km from down town and connected Airport link train (express train; about 15minuts) and express way, but transfer from airport link to other city transportation can be said good, particularly connection between Makkasan station of airport link to Phetchaburi station of subway has no good road, I can not recommend to use this route for passengers with large luggage. Continuous heavy traffic jam is also makes difficult to say a good located airport.
It has huge terminal and sometimes you may feel too huge since if you arrive/ departure on gate far from immigration counter you need to walk on moving walk for long long distance. You may feel your unluckiness for arriving such far side of terminal. Besides on it, you may see a long cue before immigration counter for foreigners. So you need to keep spare time for necessary procedure.
Some LCC are using a Don Mueang Airport which is locating far from Suvarnabhumi and it takes at least one hour by taxi or bus. You need to be careful if you transfer major carrier to LCC or LCC to major in Bangkok.
When you use a meter taxi from airport, it is better to use taxi counter in front of an arrival floor, you will be given a slip ( the other slip will be handed to a driver) written by clerks of taxi counter. If you have some trouble you can inform to the tourist police using this slip, so trouble is very few. But you need to pay express toll at every toll gate, you need to prepare small notes or coin in advance. It would be around THB 300 including express fee and fare for airport; THB50. The cost of taxi could be cheaper then other cities but taxi would not be clean nor new and driving way would not be gentle. So you need raise your tension for preparing forth coming exiting stay in Bangkok.



にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ バンコク情報へ

I am a little bit surprised to know I realized many bad points of Bangkok after comparison of three capitals partly because I live in Bangkok and easily find disadvantage. Even so, why such many people are coming to this chaotic city and what is attracting these people, I wonder?
I suppose such inconvenience could be sometimes enhancing attraction of this city. When people can find glitter chedi or mysterious smile of Buddha statue after their struggle with difficult language and transportation, they may feel much brightness and attractive on them. I must say Bangkok also has some dark sides in the city. When people see a smile of angel (quasi angel?) after similar struggle, some people cannot escape from fascinating power.
I think it must be very precious opportunity that I can stay such lively and chaotic town and I would like to live in here happily.



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