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2013年1月29日 (火)

ラマ8世橋/ Rama VIII Bridge



This bridge named Rama VIII built in 2002 for memorizing former King. This cable-stayed bridge is locating slightly upstream from down town Bangkok. I believe this bridge is one of the most beautiful bridge over the Chaopraya river in Bangkok. Many diner cruses which start from piers in downtown return to their home after passing under the bridge.

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2013年1月28日 (月)

けぶる夕日/Sunset in haze



Recent weather in Bangkok is hazy by smog or dusts, I am not sure. Sunset over Chaopraya looks vague in hazy air.

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2013年1月27日 (日)

カマキリ/praying mantis



A praying mantis clings to window of my room on 19th floors. It might come by flying with upward wind or by climbing up on wall, I am not sure. It might come for preying small bags which are attracted by window light in night, but I don't think so much targets are coming such a high place.
It must not be a good hunting place, since it disappears next day.

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2013年1月21日 (月)

バイク/ motor bike



Motor bike is very useful and casual tool since continuous heavy traffic jam in Bangkok. Riding sideways, triple (sometimes quadruple), with huge luggage, people are using bakes very freely. Drivers with orange jacket are motor bike taxi drivers; motor-cys and very popular in Bangkok. I can see many riders without helmets and I can not help wondering they should consider safety matters much more particularly for children

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2013年1月19日 (土)

紙飛行機教室/ paper airplane workshop



Today, a paper airplane workshop for kids and parents was provided in Bangkok by a Japanese airline company. The workshop was combined with seminar for global environmental issues under the corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity “Sora-iku”. Many Japanese family joined the workshop for expecting direct instruction by master of paper airplane. We learned procedure and tips of holding two types, as say long distance and long staying, of paper plane. Not only kids but also adults were very excited by knowing the performance of their own works. A lecture relating global environment issue by a captain using remarkable pictures taken from airplanes was also very attractive. I can enjoy a half-day program which was very well-arranged CSR reflecting nature of airline company.

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2013年1月18日 (金)

手長エビの炭火焼/ Charcoal grilled fresh water prawn



Charcoal grilled fresh water prawn,Scampi, which is about 30-40cm long. This is a popular dish in Ayuthaya which is at meeting point of rivers and surrounded by rivers. You can enjoy sweet meat of prawn dipped in slightly hot sauce. Price of one piece is from THB 400 to 600, sometimes reaches THB 1,000 depends on size. The price of the dish in picture was THB 500, I suppose.

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2013年1月15日 (火)

クワィ川鉄橋・戦場に架ける橋/ The Bridge on the River Kwai


映画 戦場に架ける橋の舞台となったクワイ川に架かる橋と泰麺鉄道。川を渡る鉄橋の景色も良いが、木造の橋げたを軋ませながら、崖沿いの線路を列車がゆっくり進むのもちょっとスリリング。山一つ隔てればミャンマーという山岳地帯を、ゆっくり走る列車からの車窓から見える田園風景も、バンコクの喧騒を忘れられ気持ちいい。


A bridge is very well known by famous movie “The Bridge on the River Kwai”, it was built during the world war II for constructing a Burma-Siam railway. The scene of the bridge over the river is wonderful but riding on a train running slowly on creaking girder by the cliff is much more exciting. A scene from window running through mountain area near border with Myanmar makes me free from noisy life in Bangkok.


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2013年1月13日 (日)

仔豚の丸焼き/ Roasted baby pork


年末に、日本から来てくれた気のあった友人たちと、豪華に仔豚の丸焼きを注文。北京ダックのようなパリッとした皮を具のない小さな中華饅頭のようなものと併せて食べる。値段も少々高価(THB 2,200)で、10人ぐらい集まらないとなかなか注文できない。ビールが進んで困ってしまう。

Thanks for good opportunity many Japanese friends visited my house using New year holidays, we could order a gorgeous whole roasted baby pork. We enjoyed crispy skin like Beijing duck accompanied with small Chinese buns without fillings. Since it is a little bit expensive; THB 2,200, we can not order without at least around ten members. I could not stop drinking beer with this dish.

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落語バンコク公演の前売り券/ Advance ticket for Japanese comic story show in Bangkok



Advance ticket for a show of popular “Rakugoka”, Japanese traditional comic storyteller, which will be planed on 2nd of March 2013 in Bangkok was sold today. Such a show is very precious opportunity for Japanese who lives in abroad and admission fee is remarkably low, THB 300, since Japanese airliner sponsored the show, therefore ticked was instantly sold out. I was very lucky to get tickets since I waked up a little bit earlier. I am very looking forward to seeing a show in March.

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2013年1月 9日 (水)

バリのダンス/ Dances in Bali




In Bali, tourists like me can easily enjoy many popular dances such as Barong, Legon, Kecak these are relating Hindu. These are played in facilities for tourists, even so I can find their respect to Gods and natures in their each movement in their eyes, fingers and hips. I am not so familiar with Hindu, but I can feel their dances closely because of very attractive big clear eyes of our tourists guides.


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