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2012年9月30日 (日)

ウディガスリー/ Woody Guthrie

3ヶ月ほど前に、on-line-shopで衝動買いしたまま聴いてなかったWoody Guthrieの生誕100年記念アルバムを取り出してくる。日本人がバンコクでアメリカ人の歌を聴きながら故郷を思う、なんとも不思議な感じ、でも悪くない。


I am now listening a song of Woody Guthrie which I bought about three months ago by on-line- shopping on an impulse. The album is a celebration for one hundred year anniversary. I fell something strange felling since a Japanese feel something like nostalgia by listening American song in Bangkok, but it is not so bad.

You tubeはこちら、You tube is here ↓


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2012年9月28日 (金)

洪水渋滞/ Traffic Jam in Flooded road



I realized roads surrounding my house was completely flooded after I started by the taxi as usual. Although I didn’t noticed, it seemed heavy rained before dawn. It took more than one hour from my house to office, it is usually 30 to 40 minutes drive. Besides it, taxi driver recommended taking toll road, so I need to pay almost THB 220 (including toll; approximately US$ 8), it also about double as usual. However I should think I was lucky because taxi did not stop middle of flood and I could avoid soaking by flooded water.

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2012年9月25日 (火)

道路冠水/flooded road


On my way back from office to home, it was said near the road of my apartment house was flooded.
But after I glanced cue of casual taxis; See-Low, I started to walk to my home. Road for vehicle was completely flooded, and on sidewalk waves of flooded water were rising up after car passing through. I tried to escape every wave on the side walk until mid-way. Finally, I took off my business shoes and rolled up my pants and then I walked through on my bear foots in flooded road.
I regretted that I had to bring sandals in my bag for such emergency time.


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2012年9月23日 (日)

ジャスミン花輪/jasmine wreath



To serve a flower wreath in front of sacred place such as Buddhist altar or ancestor's soul is common attitude as Buddhist. You can see many street venders who sell jasmine wreaths in every corners in the city. Please do not negotiate price of the wreath because it is very sacred things for ancestor.
In my home, since I have no Buddhist alter so I hung on an elephant nose since it is also very sacred creature.

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2012年9月15日 (土)

さそり不法侵入 Scorpion unexpected intrude


When we washed local fruits named Longkon; similar fruits of Longan, which we bought in the market in the city, a scorpion jumped out from branch of fruits. It longs just more than 3 cm. We sprayed pesticides to it with surprise. Since we had no knowledge of his poisons, we were a little bit afraid. Also we realized life in tropical. Soprpion and Longkon in picture.


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Durian, called king of fruits, you can enjoy its unique taste and sweetness with very soft pulp like custard cream. However sizable people do not like it because of strong smell, also it is prohibited to bring into public places like hotels and taxis. Some varieties like Montone without strong smell have been developed in recent days, so it becomes much easier to taste it for beginners.
You can feel some heat and power from inside after you eat Durian. It is recommended to eat Mangosteen for cooling down body activated by Durian. Do not drink alcoholic drinks such as beer or whiskey which might cause abnormal fermentation in your stomach. Sometimes it might be fatal dangerous. Combination of Durian and Mangosteen is best matched, it is said Durian planted with Mangosteen could grow well. So that is one reason Durian is called King and Mangosteen called Queen.

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2012年9月12日 (水)

北京ダック/Beijing Duck

北京ダックは、パリパリの皮に野菜を添えてテンメイジャン(甜麺醤)を付けてポーピンを巻いて食べるのは日本もバンコクも同じ。こちらは1匹丸ごと注文し、中の肉はチャーハンや肉料理に、骨がらはスープにするのが本場北京と同じ。だから、北京ダック以外の料理も楽しもうと思えば 少なくとも5~6人集めることが必要。

Beijing Duck, crisp skin served with cucumber, green onion and Tenmenjan; Chinese sweet miso sauce, and be rolled by Poping; thin Chinese crepe, this is common style same as Japan. But we need to order whole one duck and inside meal would be cooked for other dish such as fried rice and bones would be served as a soup, this is same as Beijing. If you want to also enjoy other dishes such as dim sum, you need to go to restaurant with at least 5-6 guests.


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2012年9月 9日 (日)

国王賛歌/Royal anthem



Two times a day; 8 am and 6pm, you might hear Royal anthem in public place or through broad casting. Every Thai people try to stop every motion for showing their respect to the King, once the Royal anthem is played. When you happen to see every Thai people stop jogging and walking instantly in the park, you are also obliged to stand upright. Do in Rome as the Romans do. Just one motion for releasing shutter, excuse me.

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