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2012年8月19日 (日)

バンコクの花市場;パーククローン/ Flower market; Pak Khlong


Pak Khlong flower market, located near Memorial bridge over Chao phraya liver, opens 24 hours but seems much exiting in night time. It functions wholesale markets for which many flower retailers and traders to come to purchase their goods, but consumers or tourists can also enjoy shopping. If you don't need high-end quality flowers, THB 80 for 40 roses is very attractive.


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2012年8月18日 (土)

フカひれスープ /Shark fin soup



I tasted a shark fin soup Yaowarat Road in China Town. Price of one cup of soup, 3-4 persons can taste by one cup, THB 300 is remarkably cheap by Japanese sense, but it still considerably expensive in here. You can put raw beansprout and Paxi; coriander into boiling soup, it could be Thai style?


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2012年8月15日 (水)

BTS車両ドア故障/Out of function on a door of BTS; Sky train



A cutting-edge BTS sky-train in Bangkok suddenly stopped at one station. It could be a out pf function on a door of the train. In a few minutes, car conductor or repair man of train company got into the train. He shut the door by hand and put on a seal on the broken door with practiced manner.
I did not need to wait over five minutes.
It looked so flexible way and as usual.


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2012年8月12日 (日)

象の背中から/ From elephant back


Just ten minutes walk on an elephant back for tourist at famous World Heritage city Ayutthaya.
Walking slowly along sidewalk for elephant. Much slower than car but much higher place, it was very comfortable experience.


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2012年8月11日 (土)

衛兵の行進/ March of the Guard



When I visited Royal palace the day before Queen's birthday; it is also Mother's day for all Thai nationals, I happened to across a ceremony of changing the guard of the palace. I don't know which was special ceremony for Queen's birthday or as usual marching. Any way I can feel something lucky.

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プーパッポンカリー/Poo Pad Pong Karee


Fried whole crab with eggs and curry powder. Since it is not so spicy compared with Green curry or Red curry, many Japanese people loves it tastes are a little bit different restaurant by restaurant. I also love it very much, but only one thing I hate is it makes table very quietly



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2012年8月10日 (金)

ヴィエンチャンのツゥクツゥク/Tuk Tuk in Vientiane



Tuk Tuk in Vientiane looks a little bit easygoing comparing it in Bangkok. You need seat parallel to moving direction, but in facing direction in Bangkok. Top picture is of Vientiane and Bottom is Bangkok, sorry not so good picture.


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2012年8月 9日 (木)

ビアラオ/ Beer Lao


Beer Lao name is coming directly national name. It seems many Laotian people love this beer very much, doesn’t it?


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2012年8月 8日 (水)

メコン川/ Mekong River


Typical international river which originated in China, run through border of Myanmar, Thai and Lao and run through Cambodia and Vietnam. Overview from Vientiane, Capital of Lao, the liver has plenty of water since middle of monsoon season. For me as Japanese has no inland border with neighboring countries, to see international border liver is a little bit exciting. However for people living here the scene might be common picture as usual.


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2012年8月 5日 (日)




I tried to visit a Spa with unexpected reason. Honestly, it is not true I have no interest, but I was wondering I have no chance. I realized it was pretty good. Particularly facial treatment for which I did not expected so much but result was surprisingly satisfactory. I don't know when I will go next time, but I can recommend it would be valuable even for middle age men to visit it once

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2012年8月 3日 (金)

バンコクビール3種/Three famous brand beer in Bagkok


Three beers in Bangkok
Popular beer brands in Bangkok are Singha (Lion), Chang (Elephant) and Leo (Leopard). All three brands use animals as symbols. Shngha used to be a king of beer but cheaper Chang becomes dominant in these days. So, Shingha establishes his child company which produces cheaper younger brother brand Leo. Severe battle can be seen between 50 THB in beer world which might be much tougher than natural world.


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2012年8月 1日 (水)

バンコクの日本の薬局/ Japanese Drug store in Shopping mall in Bangkok.



New Japanese drug store is opened in a shopping mall which is also recently opened in Bangkok. This drug store chain is very famous in Hokkaido. I went there with high expectation if I could buy Japanese drugs in this drug store. I could find plenty of Japanese cosmetics and miscellaneous goods in the shop but could not find drugs. It might be relating rigid drug registration in laws.

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入国管理の長い列/ Long cue to Immigration


Before entering to Thailand, you need to wait in long cue to immigration at airport in Bangkok.
Besides, a cue for foreigner seems much longer than that for Thai people. It might be a first ordeal to enter to amazing smile country but neccessary to be patient.


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